Friday, September 18, 2009

Mace Pepper Gun!!!

Mace Pepper Gun!

Uses Advanced
Delivery System
utilizing Bag-In-
A Can Technology.
This new system
allows the pepper
spray to spray like
an aerosol in a cont-
inuous fashion from
any angle, even when
Pepper Gun is held
upside down. Trigger
Activated LED light
allows for better aim
and temporarily diso-
orients intruder.

Mace Pepper Gun
comes with:
Pepper Gun dispenser
One 28 gram OC cartridge
One water test cartridge
Batteries for LED light.

Comes in:
Sky Blue

You can also purchase
refills canisters and
Nylon Gun Holster

for more Info on the
Mace Pepper Gun
or on how to order
it. Email me @

If you have any
problems with
this email address
please let me know.

Also residence in
Wisconsin can not
Purchase this pro-
uct. Only Wisconsin
approved Pepper
Spray are allowed.

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