Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Drink Detective!!!!

The Drink Detective is a quick and easy test
that detects over 60 controlled substances
including the DATE RAPE DRUGS such as
GHB, Ketamine, Rohypnol,Valium, Xanax,
and Clonopin. These are all known drugs
used by criminals used to debilitate and
sexually assault, rob, or hurt their victim.
A recent study found that one in four wo-
men believed they've had a spiked drink
at least once. Most date rape drugs are
colorless and tasteless making it almost
impossible to detect using your senses
alone. You can't test every drink but
you should if you have a reason to
suspect or you have a stronger than
expected reaction to a drink. (A lil to
late,don't you think?) Use the included
dropper to sample the drink and then
apply that sample to the three test
strips. Wait 5 seconds for the color to
change and compare the results with
the adjacent control photo. If your
drink is spiked, you will immediately
and can get to safety. 12 test included.
Item# DD-12.

This is a must have for anyone
who goes out on dates. Use this
to detect if someone has
"Slipped you a Mickey"

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