Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mace Window Alert!

It's times like these that
I wish people would get
something as simple a
Window Alert! Simple
to install and it has
an ear piercing alarm!

Child Rape Victim Hunts for Her Attacker!!!

For nearly 20 years Jennifer Schuett has held onto every memory of the night she was abducted from her bedroom, raped and left for dead.
It was August 10, 1990. Schuett was 8 years old and lived alone with her mother in the first floor of an apartment complex in Dickinson, Texas. The bedroom windows faced the parking lot.

One night 20 years ago, Jennifer Schuett, age 8, went to sleep in her Texas bedroom -- and awoke to find a stranger carrying her across a parking lot, she told CNN. He raped her, slit her throat and left her for dead. But she didn't die. "I never wanted to play the victim role," Schuett, above, now 27, told CNN in a story published Monday. "I wanted to be a strong survivor."

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Electronic Pocket Whistle Revisted!

Here is a video of the Electronic
Pocket Whistle. I am revisiting
the Pocket Whistle specifically
for Teens because they can not
carry Pepper Spray. so parents
here is a lil something extra to
pack in your kids lunch box! :)

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Secure Dog Alarm!

Scare away intruders with the
Secure Dog Alarm!!!

Watch a demonstration of the
Secure Dog Alarm in action:

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mace Pepper Gun!!!

Mace Pepper Gun!

Uses Advanced
Delivery System
utilizing Bag-In-
A Can Technology.
This new system
allows the pepper
spray to spray like
an aerosol in a cont-
inuous fashion from
any angle, even when
Pepper Gun is held
upside down. Trigger
Activated LED light
allows for better aim
and temporarily diso-
orients intruder.

Mace Pepper Gun
comes with:
Pepper Gun dispenser
One 28 gram OC cartridge
One water test cartridge
Batteries for LED light.

Comes in:
Sky Blue

You can also purchase
refills canisters and
Nylon Gun Holster

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Mace Pepper Gun
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problems with
this email address
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Also residence in
Wisconsin can not
Purchase this pro-
uct. Only Wisconsin
approved Pepper
Spray are allowed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Auto Emergency Tool!

A must have for those with cars,
trucks,boats,campers,rv's or any
other form of a motor vehicle.

Here is a demonstration of
The Auto Emergency Tool:

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The Auto Emergency
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Electronic Pocket Whistle!

You don't even have to
blow this compact Elec-
tronic Pocket Whistle..
Just push a button emits
a loud 120dB whistle for
as long as you push the
button. Useful in various
situations such as sporting
events, a locator in emerge-
ncies(earthquakes, collapsed
buildings),referee whistle,
traffic use for police, mil-
itary training,dog handling
and as a safety alarm for
crime prevention. 4in long.
Uses 4 LR44 batteries inclu-

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the Electronic
Pocket Whistle
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mace Screecher Aerosol Alarm!

Ok, ladies!
Here is a lil
device you might
like if you don't
fancy Pepper Spray
or Stun guns.

The Screecher Alarm
emits an "ear piercing"
blast readily recognized
as an emergency call for
help. Its high pitched
shriek can be heard up
to 1/4 mile away.Conve-
nient size for pocket
or purse. 10 gram unit
has a push top activat-
or. Contains approxima-
tely 30 short blast.

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the Mace Screecher
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mace Hot Walkers!

Mace Hot Walkers
are 1 pound walk-
ing weights with
built in 10% Pepp-
er Spray for self
defense. Elastic
Hand Straps for
support. Storage
compartment for
keys and money.
Foam covered hand
grips for comfort.
Cleans with soap
and water. Free
replaceable Pepp-
er Spray canister.

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Walkers send
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Child Guard Panda!

Have you ever experienced
the terror of thinking your
child is missing or lost? We
have all had the gut-wrench-
ing feeling of turning around
in a busy street and finding
that our child is nowhere in
sight. now this could be pre-
vented with the new impro-
ved Child Guard Panda.
Worn by the child, the car-
toon animal-shaped trans-
mitter sends a constant sig-
nal to the receiver, which is
held by the adult. The signal
is adjustable from a distance
of 3 to 21 feet, so when the
child goes beyond the set
distance, the adult's recei-
ver starts to beep, letting
them know that child is
starting to wander off.
The Child Guard is worn
on the child's wrist.

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C2 Taser!!

Introducing the C2 Taser!
This Taser would stop a
criminal in his tracks!!!!!!

Comes in all these great
colors except 4 the Fash-
ion pink.

Check out this vid
demonstrating the
power of the C2:

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C2 email me @www.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Drink Detective!!!!

The Drink Detective is a quick and easy test
that detects over 60 controlled substances
including the DATE RAPE DRUGS such as
GHB, Ketamine, Rohypnol,Valium, Xanax,
and Clonopin. These are all known drugs
used by criminals used to debilitate and
sexually assault, rob, or hurt their victim.
A recent study found that one in four wo-
men believed they've had a spiked drink
at least once. Most date rape drugs are
colorless and tasteless making it almost
impossible to detect using your senses
alone. You can't test every drink but
you should if you have a reason to
suspect or you have a stronger than
expected reaction to a drink. (A lil to
late,don't you think?) Use the included
dropper to sample the drink and then
apply that sample to the three test
strips. Wait 5 seconds for the color to
change and compare the results with
the adjacent control photo. If your
drink is spiked, you will immediately
and can get to safety. 12 test included.
Item# DD-12.

This is a must have for anyone
who goes out on dates. Use this
to detect if someone has
"Slipped you a Mickey"

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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Pool Protector!

Check out this product that
I think would give any resid-
ental pool owner a lil peace
of mind.

The Pool Protector!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know?

About 300 children under 5 years

old drown yearly in residential swi-
mming pools? Wow that's terrible.

I read a very interesting article about
this and I thought I'd share it with you.


This article is a bit dated but
it's still an eye opener.

Article furnished by:
LifeSaving Resources Inc.

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Protector email me @

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Telespy...Intruder Alert!

TeleSpy what a clever idea!

Looks like a regular telephone.
But it's something much more.
Introducing the Telespy
Intruder Alert is a clever
reliable combination of a
telephone, a motion sensor,
and a microphone. The Tele-
spy is an ordinary telephone
that doubles as a monitoring
system. Simply enter any
phone number you want
the unit to call and turn
the motion sensor switch
to" on". Should motion be
detected the phone will
dial the number entered
and upon answering you
will be able to listen in via
the amplified microphone
on the unit. The TeleSpy
allows you yo decide from
a safe location if it's a friend
or foe before you call the
police. the listening period
is about 30 seconds, then
the TeleSpy disconnects
and instantly re-arms to
detect again and again.
TeleSpy operates from
any phone line, requires
no installation, and is
completely portable.
No monitoring fees,
no false alarms.

I think this would
be great ladies living

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the Telespy shoot me
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot Pink PepperGard!

Crime is on the Rise! Especially against
women. Now ladies wouldn't you feel
safer if you had this little Hot Pink #
on your person? I know I would. It's
always something the news about some
creep attacking someone. Take this tra-
gedy as an example...............................:

SARASOTA - The husband and father of Denise Lee saw the man who is accused of killing her for the first time on Wednesday, during pretrial motion hearings in a capital case that has garnered national attention.

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Denise Lee

The 12th Circuit courthouse on Ringling Boulevard is preparing for an onslaught of media and onlookers at the Aug. 17 trial. Those attending Wednesday's hearing had to pass through a second metal detector before entering the courtroom and leave cell phones with deputies. In addition, five Sarasota County sheriff's deputies were on hand to guard Michael King and keep order. King, 38, is charged with the January 2008 abduction and murder of Lee, a 21-year-old mother from North Port.

"I'm just glad I got it over with," Nathan Lee said of finally seeing the man charged with abducting his wife, shooting her and burying her in a shallow grave.

Meanwhile, King's attorney sought to get the trial moved out of Sarasota County,

Defense attorney Carolyn Schlemmer cited a survey of residents who had learned about the crime through news reports.

"When you read it, it is particularly disturbing," she said of comments regarding King.

Judge Deno Economou said that if a fair and impartial jury could not be found in Sarasota, he could decide to move the case.

But for now, the case is moving forward in Sarasota, and Lee's family will likely be in the courtroom for all of it.

Economou ruled that despite a lack of space, the court will make provisions for Lee's family to be in the courtroom and not view the trial from an overflow room.

That presented an immediate problem, because the jury pool of 100 would fill the gallery.

"We will have to make arrangement," Economou said of the Lee family's request to sit in the courtroom as the trial starts and the gallery is filled with potential jurors who should not have contact with the family. "Perhaps they will sit in the jury box."

King entered the courtroom clean-shaven in a yellow prison jumpsuit, orange sandals and short hair.

Also Wednesday, Economou ruled that police were justified in breaking into King's North Port home without a warrant on Jan. 17, 2008 after Denise Lee made a 911 call from King's phone. Police saw evidence of an abduction in the Sardinia Avenue house and later got a search warrant, collecting duct tape with long hair attached to it prosecutors believe was used in the abduction.

I wish that she had something like this
to protect herself from this creep. It
may have saved her life.
R.I.P Denise Amber Lee.

Article provided by:
The Heraldtribune.com

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the Hot Pink PepperGuard
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